Zak Jane Keir

Why do you write erotica and not a different genre..?
Can’t seem to get away from it! I have been writing about sex for longer than some of you have been alive.

What’s on your kinky bucket list (writing or otherwise)?
Writing: to get at least one book or story out there that people talk about on public transport.

What writers do you admire/aspire to?
People who mix it up a bit: Janine Ashbless, Kristina Lloyd – and Peter Birch for bottomless depravity done well.

What is your opinion of ‘50 Shades of Grey’?
50 Shades of shit. Utterly unoriginal, atrociously written and boring. Though at least I can now mention to my son’s school that I write erotic fiction and not have them call social services.

What are your favourite books?
The ‘Bold as Love’ series by Gwyneth Jones and anything by Christopher Brookmyre.

What are your influences?
Music, mainly. And various Perverts I Have Met.

Your most embarrassing moment?

What is your proudest moment?
Getting named as an evil feminist misandrist influence by Fathers 4 Justice.

What does hell look like for you?
Nothing to read but self-help books and whiny white-boy Lad-Lit. Or, everything to read but in tiny, tiny print and no reading glasses.

Who would you most like to have abandoned on a remote Pacific Island?
Jihadists and the woman-hating Christian Right. Let them kill each other.

Who would you most like to be abandoned with on a remote Pacific Island?
Someone who had packed a boat.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Squabbling on line, drinking cider and morris dancing.

When are/were you happiest?
Flirting anywhere. Or being in Scotland.

When are/were you least happy?
When cold, wet, broke and out of fags.

What outfit do you feel most sexy in?
It would usually involve a tailcoat and/or a hat.