Anna Sky

Why do you write erotica and not a different genre..?
I have a smutty mind, and can live out my fantasies vicariously through my writing.

I also think that if you can write erotica and get a reaction from your readers, that you have managed to capture a snapshot of what it means to be human. A lot of people look down their noses at erotica as it’s “just sex”, but hey if I can write about something that the majority of us have experienced and have them think it’s authentic, I’m happy!

Writing-wise, I would love to move from short pieces (up to 3000 words normally) to novella (15-20,000) and possibly even novel. I have some cracking ideas that just don’t fit into the short-story format.

What writers do you admire/aspire to?
I am a real fantasy/Sci-fi geek when it comes to reading. Off the top of my head? William Gibson, Jeff Noon, Garth Nix, David Eddings and Katherine Kerr. I also love Douglas Kennedy for being able to capture what it means to be human so beautifully. Erotica-wise, Kristina Lloyd’s Thrill Seeker is so well-written, and quite frankly, damn hot!

What is your opinion of ‘50 Shades of Grey’?
Confession – I only read the fanfic version. I couldn’t bring myself to buy the book.

Writing-wise, it needs a good editor, and to be re-written by someone who understands both their subject matter (from a safety perspective) and human physiology (yes, go and re-read some of the scenes and try and recreate the positions).

That said, 50 Shades has been phenomenal successful – at the heart of the story, it’s about love. It’s been responsible for re-kindling relationships, helping people explore (hopefully in a safe manner), and also brought the debate about BDSM and sexuality into more mainstream conversation. Whether people are monogamous, poly, gay, straight, kinky or vanilla, conversation around sex and consent is an incredibly important thing.

From my perspective as an erotica author, I should be pleased. 50SOG has made my genre acceptable to read, and a lot more popular. However, it has meant the market has been flooded with un-edited, un-proofed self-published work too by people jumping on the bandwagon, which has not been helpful.

What are your favourite books?
Vurt by Jeff Noon, Geek Love: An Anthology of Full Frontal Nerdity by Shanna Germain, K-Pax (never watch the film!), oh heck…there’s so many…

What are your influences?
Anything and everything. It can be the strangest of triggers that gets my brain working. And of course, I’m a people watcher, which helps.

Your most embarrassing moment?
There are definitely a few moments that I’d care to forget…immortalising them on t’interwebs will not help me.

What is your proudest moment?
Writing-wise, getting my first anthology acceptance for fiction.

In real life? Getting married to an amazing man who couldn’t possible love me any more and who supports my writing.

What does hell look like for you?
Urgh, stuck in a lift with Britain First, or any other fascist, racist, homophobic, intolerant people. Or perhaps the teabags and milk, or red wine, running out…

Who would you most like to have abandoned on a remote Pacific Island?
The social media team behind Britain First. They’re doing a cracking job of duping people into following them through underhanded emotional blackmail tactics. It truly is evil genius that the world would be better off without.

Who would you most like to be abandoned with on a remote Pacific Island?
I would obviously have to say my husband. But if I were immune to punishment for choosing someone else, it would be someone who was great at making shelters, creating fire, fishing, and brewing alcohol from coconut juice. He’d have to be witty, sexy and and kinky as hell.

What do you like doing in your spare time?
Spare time? I’m self-employed, what’s that?!

I write, read a lot, am getting addicted to Twitter and also blog a bit.

What outfit do you feel most sexy in?
My black leather corset. Hell yeah!